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Coming Soon: The Premium Effectivness Study

The definitive guide to how premium news media supercharges awareness, affinity, loyalty, endorsement and, most importantly, sales. 

In its inaugural research piece, ThinkNewsBrands will quantify the benefits of placing ads in premium news environments.

The Premium Effectiveness Study will show the value of news advertising inventory versus other media options such as Facebook and YouTube. 

In recent years, studies have shown that advertising in premium channels compared to non-premium sites offers real brand and business-building results. For example, a 2012 study by Nine of Olympic sponsorships found premium media had the power to strengthen key brand metrics by up to three times and in 2016, Comscore found premium media to be three times more effective in driving mid-funnel brand metrics such as favourability, consideration and recommendation. 

Conducted by MediaScience, the Premium Effectiveness Study will go deeper to dissect the performance of specific ad units including display and short-form video in desktop and mobile news media environments. 

The study will use a broad sample of the Australian public to provide you with the information and insights to invest in news brands covering demographics, behavioural interests and purchase intent. 

The research will track the impact of context by testing ads inside and side-by-side relevant content in news environments.

The Premium Effectiveness Study will demonstrate the power of premium news media to produce real business results for advertisers. 

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