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Automotive: Nudging car consumers into action at all stages of the purchase funnel

Research by Hoop Group shows news media nudges car consumers into action at all stages of the purchase funnel. This is because high trust in news media is an important ingredient for influencing behaviours. 

The study found that trust is a crucial element when it comes to purchasing a car with 71% of people in the market noting marketing information needs to be truthful and believable. 

The key to winning the trust of car buyers is to keep it simple with 65% of study participants noting the ad must be easy to comprehend. A further 31% said good auto ads showed less detail rather than too much information. 

Eye-catching imagery is also a smart approach with 55% of people saying ads needed to grab their attention quickly. 

Finally, advertisers shouldn’t be afraid to tug at the heartstrings with 36% of survey participants noting the ad should fire their imagination, while 22% said that the ad needed to affect them emotionally.