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Build your brand and drive genuine business results with Australia’s most trusted media platform.  

Reaching nine out of 10 Australians, the readers of Australia’s premium news mastheads are also your customers.

Marina Neil

Why choose news brands?

Backed by professionally produced premium news content, crafted and honed by experienced journalists, news brands are Australia’s most trusted source for news and information. The 2019 AdTrust study showed Australians trust the content they see in newspapers and premium online news platforms more than any other medium. What’s more, they also trust the advertising that appears alongside it. And almost half of all Australians say they are more likely to purchase a product when they trust the ad. 

Trust is important but it’s only one of the benefits of advertising with news brands. 

Australia’s most trusted mastheads drive the daily agenda and so when audiences interact with news media, it’s a lean-forward experience. News consumers pay attention. This engagement flows to the ads within the medium increasing brand memorability and mental availability. The result is a top-of-mind presence which leads to greater sales for brands that advertise in news media versus those that do not. 

With news brands reaching nine out of 10 Australians, advertisers can use scale to their advantage. 

And unlike other advertising options, news brands offer transparent and regulated environments that keep businesses and their customers out of harm’s way.

Spanning the mediums of print, online, podcasts and live events, news brands offer a vast canvas to creatively communicate your message. 

So whether you’re looking to build a brand, cement or establish your reputation or drive short-term sales, news brands are the perfect partner for the job.

The evolution of news media

If you haven’t engaged with new brands recently, there’s much to catch up on.

News brands have transformed. They’re now multi-channel powerhouses with stories that connect, engage and guide the way Australians think, feel and behave. With a market-leading approach to data collection and partnerships, everyday Australia’s news publishers put advertisers in front of highly engaged audiences.

With a commitment to innovation and creativity, news brands are well placed to influence audiences in ways big and small creating diverse opportunities for brands.

Not all news is created equally

Research shows concern is growing among Australians about misinformation and ‘fake news’, particularly spread through social media platforms. Credible journalism has never been more valuable with the University of Canberra’s Digital News Report: Australia 2020 finding two-thirds (62%) of news consumers say independent journalism is very or extremely important.

With the attributes of content rubbing off on associated brands, the context your ads appear in matters.

An environment of trust defines news brands and, in so doing, produces tremendous opportunities for advertisers.

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