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Measuring the audience of Australia’s news brands

Australia’s news brands reach 9 out of 10 Australians every month. Here’s the latest on readership and how those audiences are measured.

The Readership Works

Audience measurement for Australia’s news brands is managed by The Readership Works. Established in 2010 to introduce a cross-platform audience measurement system for Australia’s newspaper and magazine industry, the organisation is a joint initiative of News Corp Australia, Nine and Seven West Media.

18.2 million

Total audience reach for newspapers and news websites

11.6 million

Audience reached through newspapers

17.7 million

Audience reached through news websites

ThinkNewsBrands Fundamentals

Just need the facts? Twice a year, ThinkNewsBrands Fundamentals provide all the facts and stats for news readership from the last six months. 

Enhanced Media Metrics Australia

emma (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) is Australia’s cross-platform audience insights metric built for the digital age. Developed for The Readership Works by independent research company Ipsos Connect, emma works with Nielsen’s Digital Ratings Monthly to fuse data and provide greater cross-platform accountability, accuracy, transparency and frequency of data. The Media Federation of Australia was involved in the development of emma and sits on the Technical Committee while emma is independently audited by Dr Rob Hall.