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Events and networking

Each year, ThinkNewsBrands hosts a series of events to help you deepen your understanding of news media and the real business results it produces for brands. Join us for networking, round tables and industry briefings.

News brands have transformed. They are multi-channel powerhouses with stories that connect, engage and guide the way Australians think, feel and behave. 

Innovation is crucial in servicing the always-on 24-hour digital news landscape and Australia’s premium news publishers have embraced innovation; from a market-leading approach to data collection and partnerships to the myriad ways content is delivered to highly engaged audiences. 

In addition to building internal cultures focused on innovation, news brands regularly partner with innovation accelerators to evolve the ways they engage and service their audiences. 

With a commitment to innovation and creativity, news brands are well placed to influence audiences every day in ways big and small which creates diverse opportunities for brands.

Reframing perceptions of old-school advertising in the new consumer normal

This special virtual event explores news media’s impact on brand building and business results. Join CMO, ThinkNewsBrands, media research guru, Dr Duane Varan, and leading Australian marketers for this special virtual event that explores news media’s impact on brand building and business results.

About ThinkNewsBrands

ThinkNewsBrands is here to help advertisers and their agencies understand how advertising in today’s news content drives real business results.