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Influencing the insurance path to purchase

When it comes to insurance brands, marketers have their work cut out to be top of mind for customers.

Being front and centre when people are ready to take up or switch is essential, according to marketing effectiveness expert Matthew Daniell. The key is capturing people’s attention by thoroughly understanding the competitive market and sticking to your guns.

With COVID putting the squeeze on budgets, achieving and maintaining share of voice has never been more important. This is where news brands can help. Australia’s news brands reach nine out of 10 Australians and set the daily agenda. Trusted by Australian consumers and an authority on matters of finance, property, health and lifestyle, news brands offer a contextually relevant environment for insurance advertisers.

Hear strategies to improve your marketing activities and learn how the influence of news brands, the contextual relevance of news content and the synergy between news audiences and category purchasers, has insurance brands covered.

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Matthew Daniell

Marketing Effectiveness Consultant

An independent marketing effectiveness consultant, specialising in media experiment design, Matthew (known as MD) ensures marketing caters for both incremental and causal effects in advertising and media, simply put; Get more sales than you did yesterday, and be damn sure it’s because of the marketing.

Mim Haysom

Executive General Manager, Brand & Marketing, Suncorp

Mim has become recognised as one of Australia’s pre-eminent leaders in marketing. In her role, Mim leads a network of brands, which include Suncorp, AAMI, GIO, Apia, Shannons and Vero. She is responsible for setting the overall brand strategy and the end to end marketing program across all of the brands in the portfolio.

Judith Crompton

Chief Executive Officer – Asia Pacific Cover-More Group

Judith leads Cover-More Group’s business in Asia Pacific which is the largest contributor to group revenue and profitability. She is currently responsible for key markets in Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

Aimee Buchanan

Chief Executive Officer,

Aimee Buchanan has over 19 years’ media experience in the Australian market, working across a range of client categories. Aimee is responsible for leading OMD Australia’s media business, driving operating standards and product output to achieve brand vision and company goals.

Jessica Gardner

News Director,
The Australian Financial Review

Jessica Gardner is news director of The Australian Financial Review. She has been a business reporter and editor for over a decade, having previously edited the Financial Review’s Companies & Markets section and reported on sectors such as healthcare, gambling and technology. 

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