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Journalism: the unique strength of news brands

Journalism is what draws readers to Australia’s trusted news brands and sets them apart from other forms of media. With the power to affect major change, journalism drives emotional responses creating connections with Australians.  

In 1972, after the road toll in Victoria exceeded 900, writing for The Age, journalist Roger Aldridge spearheaded a multi-award-winning series that led to government campaigns to increase driving safety. 

During her career, reporting by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age’s Kate McClymont has initiated several investigations by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC); the most notable being Eddie Obeid, a former New South Wales politician who, in 2016, was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for misconduct in public office. 

In 2018, Australian investigative journalist and author Hedley Thomas created the podcast series The Teacher’s Pet for The Australian newspaper, a 14-episode investigation of the unsolved disappearance of Sydney mother Lynette Dawson in 1982. Following the overwhelming response to the series, Lynette’s husband, Chris Dawson, was charged and faced court in 2020.  

Trusted, quality, independent journalism is a cornerstone of a democratic society and journalists hold the powerful to account. According to the University of Canberra’s Digital News Report: Australia 2022, two-thirds (62%) of news consumers say independent journalism is very or extremely important.

This trusted journalism, and authentic storytelling is at the heart of how Australia’s great news brands create lasting connections with Australians, a connection that increases engagement creating a shortcut to positively impact sales. 

The company you keep defines you. And this is particularly true for advertisers that look to align with news brands.