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Marketing Leaders Summit

Changing the perceptions of news as an advertising channel

On Tuesday 26 & Wednesday 27 October 2021, 300+ senior marketers joined online for the live streamed Marketing Leaders Summit. Over the two days we heard from Nestle’s Sandra Martinez on cultivating a culture of marketing innovation, IAG’s Brent Smart and the journey of building Australia’s most significant marketing team, Coles’ Lisa Ronson, Adam Heywood and Kate Bailey on trust as a core value among the community and within the company, and another 35+ inspiring marketers.

General Manager, ThinkNewsBrands, Vanessa Lyons was joined by former Samsung CMO, Josh Grace to explore news as an evolving advertising channel and its ability to more effectively deliver brand lift and propensity to purchase. Sharing findings from The Youth Chapter, the session challenged perceptions and explained why news deserves to be restored to its rightful place in advertisers’ media mix.

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Introduction: The perceptions of news as an advertising channel

ThinkNewsBrands’ latest research debunks the myth that young Australians don’t engage with news. Drawing on Roy Morgan data, The Youth Chapter provides a detailed analysis of news consumption for the under 40 demographic, proving that news has the scale, influence and effectiveness to deliver a younger audience to advertisers.

The Facts: Under 40s engage with news at scale

News reaches 20.4 million Australians and half of this audience is under 40 – that is 94% of Australians under 40 are engaging with news each month. And the importance of news is strengthening amongst the age group; more under 40s engage with news than any other channel and 1 in 3 go directly to the source.

The Results: The News Effect

Consumers are focussed and cognitively engaged to absorb information when reading news. This creates high levels of long-standing memory encoding and highly correlates to advertising effectiveness and purchase intent. The result is ‘the news effect’ and research shows that amongst under 40s, ads are nearly 2.6x more effective when they appear in news than Facebook.

CMO Perspective: News as a trusted environment

Former Samsung CMO Josh Grace joins ThinkNewsBrands’ Vanessa Lyons to discuss the findings of The Youth Chapter and shares his perspective of news as an advertising channel. Reflecting on his time at Samsung, Josh highlights the importance of the trusted environment news media offers.

Efficiency vs Efficacy: Achieving effectiveness through news

Josh Grace considers what this research means for advertisers and the importance of efficiency and efficacy working together. Channels like news that provide upper funnel awareness through a trusted and contextually relevant environment are key to achieving efficacy and in turn have a positive impact on ROI and other efficiency-based metrics lower in the funnel.

How well do you really know news? Find out how news can deliver a younger audience to advertisers.

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