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Australian publishers are committed to environmental sustainability

Supported by a world-first agreement to advance the recycling of newspapers as well as a commitment to sustainable materials, Australian news media publishers are global leaders in environmentally-friendly newspaper production. 

Australia’s major newspaper and magazine publishers have been working together to ensure the sustainability of print since 1990. This work continues today under the banner of ThinkNewsBrands and its Environment Advisory Group.

The Environment Advisory Group consists of News Corp Australia, Nine, Seven West Media and Bauer Media.

Together with newsprint manufacturer Norske Skog, the Group has developed the National Environmental Sustainability Agreement (NESA).

The only agreement of its kind in the world, the NESA is a voluntary industry agreement endorsed by state and federal governments. A key element of the NESA is annual reporting to help publishers make decisions to advance recycling. This is backed by a commitment to promote messaging that underpins recycling in member publications.

Responsible production of newspapers uses less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling also achieves savings in natural resources. A tonne of wood fibre can be reused up to six times when recycling systems are in place.

Sustainable materials

Using fewer chemicals, as well as relying on non-toxic chemicals, is important in the production of sustainably-made newsprint. To this end, no chlorine is used in the newsprint manufacturing process in Australia. Brightening of newsprint is achieved through the use of hydrogen peroxide.

Australian-made newsprint comes from plantation pine forests that are controlled sources or certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

All Norske Skog Australasia mills are Chain of Custody certified. This means sustainable practices are systematically incorporated into the production of the materials needed to bring news media to Australians.

Planet-strong printing

No heavy metals are added to the black and colour inks used for printing, which also meets the Australian Standard (AS1647.3) for coatings on children’s toys. Australia’s major newspaper print facilities are classified under the Zero Waste Alliance definition as Zero Waste sites with more than 90% of waste being recycled. 

Submission on the Draft Recycling and Waste Reduction (RWR) Bill

ThinkNewsBrands is committed to product stewardship and recycling and supports the government’s suggested initiatives to advance these. 

Response to Victorian waste and recycling waste legislation and governance

Australia’s major newspaper and magazine publishers support the proposed Victorian Waste Authority and state government leadership on advancing recycling and waste management while encouraging the government to remain committed to a national approach to product stewardship. 

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