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Newsworks UK ROI study

The inclusion of news brands in the media mix can increase the effectiveness of a campaign by up to three times. That’s according to research by analytics firm Benchmarketing.

Using the results from more than 500 econometric models, the study confirms the important role news brands play in the media mix.

The 2016 study found that adding newspapers to a campaign increases overall campaign effectiveness by up to three times. Additionally, newspapers supercharge the effectiveness of other media channels when included in the mix.

On a category by category basis, the research determined that adding news brands to a campaign increases effectiveness by 5.7 times for finance; three times for travel; 2.8 times for retail; 1.7 times for automotive; and 1.2 times for FMCG.

Category Intel Insurance
12th Nov

Insurance: Advertising effectiveness on the insurance path to purchase
Insurance: Advertising effectiveness on the insurance path to purchase

Research Research
10th Nov

Fundamentals: Facts and stats
Fundamentals: Facts and stats

Deep Dives Case Studies
9th Oct

Maserati x Good Weekend
Maserati x Good Weekend
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