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Burning Questions with Louise Eyres, Chief Marketing Officer, Vanguard Australia

We talked to Louise about how Vanguard improves ROI using Total News in their marketing mix. 

The partnership that Vanguard recently commenced with one of the leading Australian news organisations far exceeded the return on investment that we were expecting.
Louise Eyres
CMO, Vanguard Australia

Why do you choose news in your media mix?

“The beauty of the Total News offering is that we can see the impact that news has made on our marketing strategy”. 

Moving to a strategic news partnership has unlocked further return on investment by establishing a content story of trust, integrity and credibility that can be reiterated through multiple touchpoints. 

For Louise, Total News offers the breadth of reach and connection. Vanguard has a portfolio with 2 distinct customer bases, personal investors and financial advisors, and it is essential that media platforms can reach both, aligning with Vanguard’s mission to take a stand for all investors. The Vanguard products are also at different stages in their lifecycle, with superannuation relatively new in market, Louise is looking for brand awareness, but for personal investor products the aspiration is for consideration and conversion. News has been a perfect solution to deliver on these media aspirations.  

Why News Perspectives
15th Mar

Hear some red hot takes from agency leaders on the media landscape and how to deliver success for clients.

Burning Questions

Learn how agency leaders use news publishing to deliver results for clients.
Burning Questions

Hear some red hot takes from agency leaders on the media landscape and how to deliver success for clients.

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