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Burning Questions with Zara Curtis, Chief Marketing Officer, IAG

We talked to Zara about the role of news advertising now and in the future. 

We know that people consume news sources across three or more channels. So we make sure that it’s an absolute priority.
Zara Curtis
Chief Marketing Officer, IAG

How will news play a role in future campaigns?

“News allows us to talk about what we believe in, what we’re doing to act and then when we do, turn that into a call to action. We rely on our news partners to help us do that.”

Zara is a strong believer in right context, right platform, right audience, right content and sees the Total News environment as a place to execute this. It is also a core part of a marketer’s toolkit. Without having a personal connection to news, and understanding what’s happening in culture, then it’s unrealistic to truly understand what is timely and relevant in your customers world. “You need context. You can really start preaching to yourself and live in an echo chamber in marketing, like all other industries. So understanding the zeitgeist, where people are actually at, and then listening to your customers, that’s the power of good marketing,”

The Total News environment continues to provide brand safety and offers a halo of credibility to brands advertised in the platforms. IAG operates some of Australia’s leading general insurance brands, including NRMA. Zara recognises that being confident as a brand with a trusted, powerful message means seeking presence in a trusted environment. With a brand purpose to ‘make your world a safer place’, IAG can look to Total News to deliver the perfect combination of scale and safety.

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15th Mar

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Burning Questions

Learn how agency leaders use news publishing to deliver results for clients.
Burning Questions

Hear some red hot takes from agency leaders on the media landscape and how to deliver success for clients.

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