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Insurance: Advertising effectiveness on the insurance path to purchase

Reaching more than 18.3 million Australians, news brands present a compelling case for inclusion in health insurance campaigns. 

Behavioural economics experts suggest significant life events have the greatest impact on consumer behaviour. From catastrophic bushfires to the pandemic and an ongoing recession, 2020 will long represent a major life event for many, permanently shifting purchase behaviours and attitudes.   

The health and financial crises have highlighted an often-forgotten purchase category with consumers’ anxious thoughts turning to insurance.  

Health insurance, home and contents insurance, life insurance, income protection insurance – all once part of a low interest category – have become critically important to Australians facing an uncertain future. 

The challenge for marketers of insurance brands is continuously reaching all buyers of the category and capturing their attention. This is where news brands can help. 

Reaching nine out of 10 Australians and setting the daily agenda, news brands provide an independently measured brand safe platform that produces real business results for insurance advertisers.  

News brands deliver high reach, essential for brand growth, with newspaper readers being “spot on” for insurance advertisers. 

Find out how news brands support growth in the insurance category.