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Total News: The unsung hero of brand growth

Trust in the superpowers of Total News

Advertising in News can be relied upon for superior audience reach, brand memory, attention & brand growth. Rather than always increasing overall ad budgets, brand building can be achieved by adjusting budget mix and reallocating more to Total News.

  • Unmatchable reach: Engaging 19 million Aussies each week, news has your audience – more than any other channel
  • Lengthy brand exposure: Not only will you get the reach but unlike other media platforms, News audiences spend longer reading news – in fact, 20% more time than last year
  • The memory game: News delivers more brand memory, short & long term, for light buyers, than social & other websites

Supercharge with news. Shift your mix by 5%.

Total News is super engaging and results prove its power for improving audience impact. If you want to build a brand, supercharge your mix by shifting 5% more to news for powerful results.


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Fundamentals: Facts and stats November, 2023

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Media moments that pack a punch

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Fundamentals: Facts and stats August, 2023
Fundamentals: Facts and stats August, 2023
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