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Travel: News brands the preferred advertising destination for reaching high-end travellers

For businesses in the travel sector looking to grow their brands, news media is the perfect partner. According to emma readership data, 47% of Australians are influenced by news media when planning a holiday.

And befitting the premium nature of news media, the types of travel decisions are equally premium. In fact, 3.4 million news media readers are likely to buy premium economy, business class or first-class air tickets.

Readers of print or digital newspapers are regular hotel guests. While holidaying in Australia, some 5.8 million readers stayed in a hotel or resort in the past 12 months.

Heavy newspaper readers are among the most likely to book hotel accommodation. Those who read papers for more than 30 minutes a day or who read seven or more newspapers a week are 20% more likely to stay in a hotel or resort than non-readers.

Data indicates national newspaper audiences are considerably more likely to splash out on luxury hotels. Readers of The Australian or The Australian Financial Review are 16% more likely to stay in five-star accommodation than the average Australian.

Providing targeting opportunities for advertisers, newspapers travel sections are read by 4.7 million people every month. Compared to the average Australian, these readers are 13% more likely to be planning a holiday within Australia in the next 12 months. They are 23% more likely to be touring Australia by car, 19% more likely to be planning visits to Australian wineries and 17% more likely to be seeking a holiday to relax and unwind.