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Burning Questions: How has news publishing boosted your clients’ success?

News media is trusted by the biggest players in the game. See the impact it has had for top media executives.

Credibility, trustworthy, honesty – that’s the kind of tone that brands are looking for within news environments, and we’ve had great success.
Nik Doble
National Head of Investment, Mindshare

Discover how news publishing boosts clients’ success.

In today’s fast-paced world, news media stands as a beacon of trust and reliability, earning the unwavering confidence of the biggest players in the game. But what exactly sets news publishing apart? And how has it propelled the success of our esteemed clients?

“Most instances where we’ve had most success is because the readers are wanting to engage with a certain topic, and we just happen to have a brand that would work really nicely. Personalisation is a huge focus, and how we choose the right channels.” – Laura Nice & Sian Whitnall, CO-CEO, OMD

The influence of news media extends far beyond the headlines. It’s a platform where brands can connect with audiences on a profound level, fostering authentic relationships built on transparency and integrity. Hear more from these experts as they uncover the tangible benefits that news publishing brings to the forefront of client success.

Why News Perspectives
15th Mar

Hear some red hot takes from agency leaders on the media landscape and how to deliver success for clients.

Burning Questions

Learn how agency leaders use news publishing to deliver results for clients.
Burning Questions

Hear some red hot takes from agency leaders on the media landscape and how to deliver success for clients.

Burning Questions: What marco factors are in the spotlight right now?
Burning Questions: What are the biggest news publishing misconceptions that need to be debunked?
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