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Burning Questions: What makes news publishing a game changer?

News publishing is a powerful tool for delivering real results to your clients. See why top media agency executives believe it is a game changer.

Over 60% of Australians are now paying for their news. So, we’ve got a highly lent in, engaged audience that are quite passionate and dedicated to particular titles.
Jacquie Alley
COO, The Media Store

What makes news publishing a game changer?

In the dynamic landscape of media consumption, news publishing emerges as a formidable force, offering unparalleled opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences. Through insightful narratives and compelling storytelling, news publishers hold the key to unlocking real results for clients across various industries. Five agency executives delve into why they consider news publishing a game changer.

“Quality journalism attracts audiences, keeps them engaged regularly because they want to contribute to the social discourse. And the ad experience isn’t disruptive, it’s aligned, it’s kind of seamless within that environment. So, it adds value to our advertisers.” – Nik Doble, National Head of Investment, Mindshare

In an era defined by rapid digital transformation, news publishing stands as a beacon of credibility and trust in the media landscape. By leveraging its power, brands can navigate the evolving consumer journey with confidence, driving impactful results and forging lasting relationships with their audiences. Hear more from the experts on how news publishing can revolutionise your media strategy today.

Why News Perspectives
15th Mar

Hear some red hot takes from agency leaders on the media landscape and how to deliver success for clients.

Burning Questions

Learn how agency leaders use news publishing to deliver results for clients.
Burning Questions

Hear some red hot takes from agency leaders on the media landscape and how to deliver success for clients.

Burning Questions: How has news publishing boosted your clients’ success?
Burning Questions: What marco factors are in the spotlight right now?
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