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Category Intel

FMCG: News brands are as trusted as a well-aged wine

With 8.7 million news brand readers purchasing liquor from a bottle shop in the past month, news brands can help alcohol brands to reach potential customers at scale. And bottle shops aren’t the only destination for shoppers in the category with data from emma CMV showing 1.3 million people making alcohol purchases online. 

The average spend on liquor purchases in the last month for news brand readers was $181 – the average spend on beer was $84, wine $80, spirits $95 and pre-mix $100.

News brands readers are also key influencers in this category with 5.3 million readers giving their friends and families recommendations on drinks.

So where best to reach them? The food and wine section of the paper is a great start with 3.5 million engaging with content in the section.