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Paul Chatfield, Vice President, Marketing ANZ, Mondelēz International

We talked to Paul about how news media helped Cadbury celebrate a century of making chocolate. 

News is currently experiencing a renaissance.
Paul Chatfield
Vice President, Marketing ANZ, Mondelēz International

How can total news support brand building?

We will always be guided by our objectives. Where there’s an important aspect that news can play with, we will absolutely do that.”

As the 100th anniversary approached of Cadbury’s Tasmanian factory, Paul and his team saw it as a golden opportunity to celebrate the brand’s Australian history and focus on brand building.

Chatfield said: “We looked at how we craft these messages in this campaign. We’re in a place where we have been looking inward for authentic storytelling opportunities.”

To bring these messages to life, Mondelēz partnered with Nine developing an integrated campaign that rolled out across editorial as well as video content and traditional advertising placements in print and digital news environments.

Paul saw news as a powerful ally with broad reach and contextual environments providing the perfect opportunity to communicate human-interest stories around the 100th anniversary. This served to elicit emotional responses such as calling on the nostalgia for many Australians who had visited the Cadbury factory over the years, a key aspect of the brand-building campaign.

News has been a key part of the media mix in driving ROI for Cadbury and enables a depth of engagement across paid and earned channels.

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Burning Questions

Hear some red hot takes from agency leaders on the media landscape and how to deliver success for clients.

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