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Consumer-led research reveals the holistic impact of Total News Publishing for advertisers in the media moments that matter most. DOWNLOAD THE FACTS NOW
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Perspectives: Burning Questions

We grilled five media agency leaders to get red hot takes on the media landscape and how to deliver success for clients. Hear what they have to say.

Fundamentals: Facts and stats February, 2024

Just need the facts? ThinkNewsBrands ‘Fundamentals’ provides all the facts and stats you need about engagement with Total News Publishing.  

Consumer-led research reveals the holistic impact of Total News Publishing for advertisers in the media moments that matter most

Understanding how advertisers can better leverage today’s media consumption patterns for maximum impact is the subject of groundbreaking new research from ThinkNewsBrands in partnership with leading market research consultancy, Fiftyfive5.

For media that produces powerful business results, ThinkNewsBrands.

Total News & Publishing is the unsung hero in ​delivering brand growth. ​Align your brand with the media platform that reaches 96% of Australians and sets the nation’s daily agenda.

Total News: Mighty Power For Mighty Sales

Total News delivers a guaranteed sales activation when it matters. If you want to increase short term gains, then supercharge your mix by shifting 6% more to news for powerful results.

The Benchmark Series: The Youth Chapter

The Youth Chapter is a new report containing the latest research on the hard to reach under 40s demographic, proving that each week, news & publishing engages more young Australians than any other channel.

Who are we

ThinkNewsBrands is here to help advertisers and their agencies understand how advertising in today’s news content drives real business results.

Premium news content influences Australians every day creating an unmissable opportunity for brands to engage, inform and inspire. ThinkNewsBrands shows you how

What We Represent

21.4 million Aussies

read the news each month; that’s 97% of Australians aged 14+

More Aussies read news

than those who drink milk or eat vegetables each week

Six in 10

pay for their news, providing reliable and consistent audience reach

Explore in depth data and knowledge into ThinkNewsBrands

Resource Library

Deep dives, independent third-party research, statistics and intel to guide your news media advertising experience. 


Understand the role of The Environment Advisory Group and how publishers are working together to ensure the sustainability of print. 

Knowledge Exchange

Deepen your understanding of news media and the real business results it produces for brands. 

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